Powered by Chevron with Techron, the Gas Center at Railroad Pass Hotel, Casino and Travel Center between Boulder City, NV and Henderson, NV is ready to serve – so get your gas at the Pass! 

What's the Power of Techron?

Protect your performance

Chevron fuel contains Techron, a unique additive designed to protect your engine from harmful deposit buildup that can interfere with your car's performance. Keeping an engine clean with Techron maximizes mileage and helps prevent loss of power.

Clean us from the inside

Techron uses a polyether amine (PEA)-based chemistry that's unbeatable at cleaning and protecting your engine. So you can keep your car as clean on the inside as it is on the outside.

Cleaner air

Intake valve deposits from low quality gasoline and any fuel injector deposits can increase tailpipe emissions. Keeping your engine clean with Techron helps to lower these emissions.

Techron Power in Three Distinct Grades

Chevron Regular
Recommended for most gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks.

Chevron Plus
Recommended for higher-performance cars and engines prone to knocking on lower octane levels.

Chevron Supreme
Recommended for cars where the manufacturer recommends use of premium grade gasoline.         

Current Gas Prices

  • Regular$3.19910
  • Plus$3.34910
  • Supreme$3.51910
  • Diesel$3.32910
  • DEF$2.79910

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